Brand Ambassador


What's In It For Me?

The Secret Brow Club are offering FULLY QUALIFIED professional brow babes the chance to become a THE SECRET BROW CLUB Brand Ambassador.

By coming on board THE SECRET BROW CLUB as a Brand Ambassador you will given the opportunity to to promote our products using your social media & marketing platforms,
And in turn will receive a set commission on any sales which are completed in full using your dedicated ambassador code.

As a Secret Brow Club Brand Ambassador you will also be entitled to:

  • Receive a set commission on all orders placed using your code
  • PR Packages for you to advertise our products
  • Free Promotion on our social media platforms
  • Use of The Secret Brow Club images and videos

Having read all of the above and you believe that you are our perfect brand ambassador, Please ensure you have a read our Terms & Conditions and our Brand Ambassador agreement in full before submitting your application.

In order to be eligible for The Secret Brow Club Ambassador programme you must:

  • Be a fully qualified brow technician
  • Be an absolute brow perfectionist with results that speak for themselves
  • Be confident in the use of all of our product range and their results
  • Have a professional Instagram and Facebook presence
  • To not be affiliated with another brow brand or have your own brand
  • Be prepared to post regular posts/videos/images on your social media pages/stories on at least a weekly basis using and promoting our brand and your discount code

Any successful applicants must also follow the below ASA's guidelines at all times when posting about The Secret Brow Club

How Do I Apply?

If after reading our terms and conditions and you are wanting to continue your application as THE SECRET BROW CLUB Brand Ambassador please do the following:

Please Email: telling us why you think you will be our perfect ambassador, confirm your qualifications and attach the links to all of your social media handles. We will regularly monitor all applications and will be in contact with all successful applicants on a case by case basis but usually no later than 14 days after submission.

If you are successful in your THE SECRET BROW CLUB Brand Ambassador application and we further down the line deem your social media platforms, advertising or your use of our products and your discount codes at our sole discretion unsuitable for any reason we may terminate the agreement immediately.

We do reserve the right at our sole discretion to reject any Brand Ambassador Applications and we are entitled to reject your application should we deem your social media pages unsuitable for our THE SECRET BROW CLUB Brand Ambassador Programme, therefore we will only be contacting those who are successful on this occasion but do want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your applications.